Automatic gates

Berfield Automation supplies and installs gate automation systems for both new and existing gates nationwide.  We can lead the work from the initial design stage to completion of the installation and follow up maintenance.
If you do have automatic gates it is imperative that they are safe and reliable.  Berfield Automation has build its reputation on delivering installations with safety and reliability.

Swing gates

There are two options for automating swing gates: underground and over ground systems.
Underground systems are where the motors are installed in metal boxes below ground.  This is a good choice for any domestic application as the metal boxes are out of sight and do not interfere with the aesthetic of the gates.
The systems used can be either hydraulic or mechanical.
Hydraulic is usually used for extremely heavy gates of up to 4mtr single leaf width
Mechanical systems are generally used for gates up to 500kg for single leaf up to 3.5mtr width.  Most domestic gates fit into this category.
Both types of motors are supplied in either 24V or 230V versions
Overground systems are generally used for industrial applications or domestic installations where ground works are unsuitable.  Various options can be supplied for any weight or width of gates.
All our systems can be integrated with obstacle detection devices.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates are a good option for long, heavy commercial gates.  They are also a good choice for elegant and stylish domestic gates.
Berfield Automation supply sliding gates in both cantilever and standard options.
Cantilever gates are anchored at one side allowing the gate to travel over the ground without touching it.
Standard sliding gates roll on a track installed along the ground
It is very important to choose the correct rollers or cantilever system to suit the weight of the gates.  Please contact Berfield Automation for advice before the gates are made.
We can provide a variety of safety devices such as safety edges and radars.  All modern systems have built in obstacle detection devices.

Berfield Automation can advise you on an entrance design and choice of gate to enhance your property.  We can recommend proven fabricators who have produced high quality metal and wooden gates for our customers.  Just give us a call to discuss your ideas.

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