Fully licensed and certified, Berfield Automation provides a complete range of CCTV services including site survey, system design, installation, upgrades, support services and continuing maintenance for all designs of CCTV systems.

Berfield Automation has completed a wide array of CCTV installations and upgrades from large-scale industrial site surveillance to smaller scale private residences. Projects have included intrusion detection and notification, high definition Internet Protocol (IP) camera installations, analog to digital upgrades of existing infrastructures, number plate recognition technology, low light applications, remote surveillance, people counting systems, and economical home surveillance solutions.

We use industry leading CCTV technologies for our projects and guarantee our professional installations and after-sale support. Our highly trained staff keep up to date with latest advancements in CCTV technology, regularly attending seminars and training programmes hosted by leading manufacturers of CCTV equipment.

Please contact us for all enquires.